Guest speaker discusses importance of environmental research to A.P. classes


Guest speaker Adrian Vasquez explained to students the importance of water quality testing for maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Lily Kalcec, Managing Editor

On Wednesday, Sept. 25, guest speaker Adrian Vasquez visited the Advanced Placement (A.P.) Environmental Science and A.P. Biology classes to discuss water quality and environmental management. This session provided students with information that has been or will be covered in their classes, but it also provided background on the field trip scheduled for Oct. 3 to Lake St. Clair Metropark. There, the students will be able to test the water quality of the lake themselves.

Vasquez is a postdoctoral researcher from the Wayne State University HEART (Huron-to-Erie Alliance for Research and Training) Lab who narrows in on testing the water quality of the lakes, particularly at Lake St. Clair Metropark. He spoke to the class about his research, such as the effects of water mites and invasive species on the quality of the water. Vasquez made it clear to students the importance of this research to maintain not only the quality of the water, but the quality of human life.

On their field trip, the students will get to work with the HEART Lab and do their own water quality testing on Lake St. Clair with their own equipment. The plan is to come back in the winter and spring to do more testing and compare the overall results at the end. Vasquez explained how students will not only be able to compare each other’s research, but also compare it to the data of the official sensor in Lake St. Clair. 

“I wanted to teach [the students] about the importance of sustainability, but I also wanted to see for myself and visualize the mind of students so that in the future, we can work well together on [their water quality] projects,” Vasquez said.