Alumni Kayla Harvey: life after high school


Sanaa Griggs

Kayla Harvey poses next to her brick she painted back in

Sanaa Griggs, Staff Reporter



Alumni Kayla Harvey graduated from RHS in 2015. She was a copy editor on the Panther Prowl. She is a student at Eastern Michigan University and graduated April 28. Her sister, senior Sierra Harvey, currently attends RHS, she also does cheer.

She studies Criminology and her minors are Anthropology, sociology, communications, Law informed. Her majors are Criminology and Criminal Justice with a law enforcement concentration.

“I wanted to study Criminology to get involved with helping people in need. I always wanted to be a part of Criminology team since I was in fourth grade because I really looked up to cops and liked the fact that they went around helping people.” Kayla said.

In high school, she had AP Comp, AP Biology, Newspaper, Hospitality management, multiple art classes, choir, earth science, all the mandatory classes, weight lifting, and drama.

The AP classes she decided to take were definitely harder classes, but in the long run, they helped prepare me for the larger workload of college. She liked how they had more freedom to pick subjects we were interested in learning about.

When she became a copy editor in the Panther Prowl she was excited to start writing and sharing things that seemed important with other people her age. She did not know it when she first started but the newspaper helped shape her path in college.

“In high school, I was a part of track and field. My record for Disc was 94 feet and 11 inches. I was placed top 10 in the Macomb County Championships I also did hurdles and shot put but I was not as talented as I was with Disc. I did sideline, competitive and varsity cheerleader,” Kayla said.

Sierra Harvey is proud of her sister graduating from high school and hopes she enjoys her career she goes into.

“She is the first generation to go to college and graduate. She has overcome their family and got her master’s degree, “Sierra said.

Kayla Harvey has been working hard on what she is passionate about since her first day in high school to be where she is at now. She is working hard to make sure people who are in need get there help and is safe.