Teachers take on Women’s History month

Madyson Marzec, Sports Editor

Although Women’s History month has passed, we should still acknowledge female teachers and all of their hard work. Women’s History month is the celebration of women and their many accomplishments. There were so many women who have impacted the world and fought for women’s rights. Many female teachers in RHS have made an impact on students and the community with their hard work and dedication.

Every woman has their own opinion on what Women’s History month is or what it means to them. “Women’s History month means to me the celebration of all women no matter how young or old or what they have accomplished,” Special Education teacher, Kaleigh Sims said. “We celebrate them because of what they have done and being able to grow as an underappreciated part of society,” Sims said. Female teachers and staff often feel underappreciated but that doesn’t stop them from working hard to make sure that their students are successful.

“Women’s history month is the celebration of our gender and the triumphs that we have overcome,” English teacher, Angela Kwiatkowski said. “We are getting to a point where we can consider ourselves equal in the world,” Kwiatkowski said.

However, these teachers did not get these strong characteristics on their own. These teachers have had a female role model to help them succeed and motivate them to become the woman they are today. “I’ve had a lot of amazing women in my life but career wise my biggest female role model was my college professor Karen. She always taught with power and emotion and that always motivated me to become a teacher,” Sims said. But some teachers have had a female role model that were family.

“My female role model was my grandmother. She was a Sicilian immigrant and she only had a third grade education. When she came to the United States she was able to own a business, learn english, and raise a family. She promoted hard work and pride of family,” Kwiatkowski said.

Female teachers and staff are dedicated to their work and should be greatly appreciated. They always make sure that their students are doing what they are supposed to and helps students with whatever they might need.