Adopt Don’t Shop Debate

Rachel Hyde and Savannah Burke

Adopting a dog from a breeder is better than a shelter

When it comes to finding a dog a forever home, many people go to breeders. A breeder is someone who breeds livestock, racehorses, along with other animals and plants. There are many benefits of going to a breeder that are available rather than going to adopt from a shelter. With going to a breeder the option to meet the person and see the living conditions is available. Most people want a certain breed of dog as well, and therefore they go to a breeder who specializes in that breed.

By going to a breeder, they say all the health issues the parents have ever had, as well as the issues the puppies may have. A lot more general background information on the parents of the dog is provided as well. When going to a shelter, they likely do not know the necessary background information, or all of the health issues the dog has had. Another great thing about going to a breeder is that potential buyers are guaranteed the dog breed that they want, and they will help find the perfect dog.  Not only do many dog enthusiasts buy dogs from breeders, but regular people do as well. For instance, my mother, Christina McLarty, and I bought my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ginger, from a dog breeder. Through this process I got to go to her home and meet all of the puppies to pick from. She also told us about the parents of the puppies, gave us background information, and let us spend time with them.

Before we could bring a puppy home, she told us they had to go through an evaluation on which ones were good show dogs. Not only did she breed them, but she also showed her King Charles dogs in competitions. I also found out that both of my puppies’ parents are champions in dog shows.

When we finally went to go get the dog, she gave me multiple to pick from. I got to play with the puppies and pick which one was the best for me.

“I chose to go to a breeder for my dog because I specifically wanted a King Charles in the Blenheim colors, and to know the background and family history of my dog,” McLarty said.

Despite many people’s beliefs, it is better to buy a dog from a breeder for various reasons.  You get to pick what you believe is your perfect dog and know the background and all the health issues, rather than being left in the dark when buying from a shelter.


Why adopting dogs is better than going to breeders

If you want to find your furry best friend, you do not need to go to pet stores or breeders. Adopting a dog gives families a loyal companion and gives the dog a home and family. When adopting dogs, people will not always know the entire background of the dogs, but if they adopt a dog, there are ways to take the time to teach them the right way to behave. Dog owners have the power to show their pets they are part of the family.

One of the many reasons families do not want to adopt dogs is that they think all dogs that are rescued or adopted are aggressive, but this is not always accurate. Many dogs only react with aggression because they are scared or unable to tell you to back off, but a lot of times this is an easy fix. Before going home with the dog, spend a little time getting the dog comfortable with you and your smell. With getting a puppy, they are a lot easier to come around because they have not been in this world very long. With my experience of adopting, I have a beautiful puppy that is 11 months old, and she has never bitten me or any of my family members, including my five year old brother.

Many people have turned away from adopting because they are a new pet owner and think adopting will be harder than buying, think again. People looking to adopt should look for a shelter that spays, also known as neutering, prior to adoption. This will make it easier on the owner and the dog. The owner will not have to worry about taking the dog into the vet and spend a fortune on neutering. It will also make it so the owners do not have to worry about the dog getting pregnant or any abnormal behavior. When animals are adopted, many of them are already housetrained.

By adopting dogs, it saves two lives. The first life saved, is the pet that is being adopted, and every adoption creates space in the shelter for another animal to be rescued. Being around humans and having love in their life can also make a dog happy. The adopted dog will have unconditional love for the owner and the family. Dogs that are rescued or adopted, have a different mindset than other dogs. Adopted dogs will always be by the owners side. They will have a stronger connection to them and will make the family feel loved. In my experience with rescues, my puppy is a lot more loving and cuddles me a lot more than my other dogs. My little rescue will howl nonstop if my grandfather leaves the house without her. She has been a great new addition to the family.

Not all dogs will want you to be their rescuer, but once you see them and they see you, you will know what dog you want. Whether it is because of the color of their fur, the way they act when you are standing by them, or just the way they get happy to see you, you will know. Adopting dogs gives this great feeling on the inside, knowing that dog has a loving home now.

Ginger is a three year old pure breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She has been in our family for three years.
Daisy May is 11 months old and she was adopted back in July of 2018. Daisy is a Miniature Pinscher and Miniature Poodle mix.