French Honor Society returns to Project Challenge


Lily Kalcec

Junior French Honor Society member Meghan VanDamme helps Project Challenge students learn and pronounce the French alphabet.

Lily Kalcec, Copy Editor

On Monday, April 22, French Honor Society visited teacher Nancy Gitter’s Project Challenge students at Kaiser Elementary to continue their teaching of French language and culture.

During their initial visit last month, the club members focused on the history and facts about the Eiffel Tower to intertwine with Project Challenge’s “Enormous Entities” theme this year. However, during this visit, French Honor Society focused more on the language itself. The French alphabet was the major focus, but numbers and greetings were covered as well.

After learning and singing the alphabet together, the third through fifth graders broke off into small groups with the French Honor Society members to participate in some activities. One of the major games that was played was hangman, where students would guess letters in French to solve a word or phrase. Engaging activities like this helped not only get the students to practice what they were taught, but also to have fun while learning the French language.

“It was a great experience to see all the kids so enthusiastic and eager to learn about French,” French Honor Society member and junior Ben Kratt said.