Chanson wins a 1 rating at State Solo and Ensemble


Seth Foresi

Chanson choir received a 1 at State Solo and Ensemble and choir director Tina Collins could not be more proud.

Caitlin Michael and Rachel Hyde

On Friday, April 12th, Symphonic Choir’s Chanson received a 1 rating at State Solo and Ensemble. Before they got on the bus to leave for Avondale, the school where the event was held, choir director Tina Collins treated them to crackers, cookies, applesauce, and pudding to help fuel their bodies for the next five to six hours. The choir had to leave at 3:30 pm to get there in time for junior Mircal Murray-Adams solo performance, and did not leave the school until around 9:45 pm.

Murray-Adams performance time was 5:00 pm which meant she needed to be in her warm-up room for 4:45 pm. She received a rating of 1 as well. Next up was senior Seth Foresi. His performance time was 5:45 pm, and he was honored a 1 rating as well. Then was senior Cody Quiroz’s turn. His performance time was 6:30 pm. He earned a 1 rating too. Senior Chelsea Bacci was next. Her performance time was 7:30 pm. She got lots of compliments from her judge, and received a 1 rating.

“It is the most surreal feeling to earn a 1 and I have never been more proud of myself,” Murray-Adams said.

The performance time for Chanson was 8:45 pm. They sung the songs “The Violet,” which is a slow, sweet song about prancing through fields and sniffing violets, and “Spring Song,” which is an upbeat, faster sounding song that is all about being joyful that spring has come. After, they went to the sight reading room where they were tested on how well they knew pitch, rhythm, and key. Although the girls were nervous, they came on top with a rating of 1 and all purchased medals for their achievements.

“I think we did amazing in our performance. Even though we had a rough time in sight reading, we really pulled through and worked it out especially with all of the people who were sick,” senior Kaelyn Kowalski said.

All around it was a successful night for the choir, with everyone performing coming on top with a 1. The next big event for Symphonic Choir is State Chorale which is on Monday, April 29th at Marysville.

Caitlin Michael
(Left to right) senior Chelsea Bacci, junior Mircal Murray-Adams, and seniors Cody Quiroz and Seth Foresi are the four soloists that got 1’s at State Solo and Ensemble.