RHS welcomes next year’s incoming freshman


Chelsea Bacci

RTI teachers speaking to a couple of families

Chelsea Bacci, Section Editor

On March 20, RHS hosted the annual eighth grade welcome night. Families of incoming freshman were able to get a tour of the building and see examples of what exactly will be covered in classes. Tours were lead by both staff members and students, and covered each of the academic departments that we offer classes in. Clubs and organizations were also covered, and catered to each individual student.

Families also got to see exactly what renovations will be happening over the summer, and how the building and our facilities will be improved, including a new extension for our hospitality students, and the new football field.

“It was really exciting to see our future freshmen excited about our school and their future,” senior Evan Mortier, who was also a tour guide, said.

Getting to go on a tour of the building seemed to help families feel more comfortable with the transition from middle school to high school, and get them excited to transfer. Seeing all of the classes and clubs specific to their interests will surely make them feel at home here.