T3 and Coalition talk to parents about new marijuana laws


Tyra Hill

Mayor Robert Taylor, Chief of Police Ryan Monroe, Fire Chief Michael Holland Couselor Jenifer Korzeniowski and Care organization member Ryan Rublin pose for a photo after the meeting.

Tyra Hill and Savannah Burke

On March 20, the Roseville community gathered together in the makerspace as members of the care organization came and talked about the new marijuana laws and how to talk to your kids about it. The night started with Care member Ryan Roblin and counselor Jenifer Korzeniowski introducing themselves and explaining what they would be doing tonight. Most of the night was Care member Joe Gulino and his great presentation on the new marijuana laws and how they are affecting this generation. Joe started off with a small presentation on parenting, and how certain parents can miss the signs that a teen may lead using drugs or alcohol. He then handed out a number of papers, each with different information about the new laws, disciplining children for using, and setting boundaries in their own home.

Followed by Gulino, Roseville Chief of Police Ryan Monroe gave a short speech, explaining his gratitude for everyone who came. He also touched on the laws, explaining what is legal and what is not, and how Roseville police are still cracking down on illegal use and helping keep kids and teens from going down the wrong path. After that Fire Chief Michael Holland also showed his appreciation for the turn out, and shared stories of times where he has had to put a house out of fire because someone has tried to “cook” THC (the main ingredient in marijuana)  in their basement. Last but not least Mayor Robert Taylor gave a small speech reassuring the parents that he is against the law and is working with others to opt out.

Overall, the first annual parent night was a huge success. Everyone learned something and many of the parents said they hope for another one.

“I was so excited to see all of the community members came in to show their support and we are hoping to host more events such as this in the future.” Korzeniowski said.