UNiDAYS is changing the lives of students day by day


Chelsea Bacci

The app UNiDAYS can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Emma Carro, Staff Reporter

UNiDAYS is a free app available on the App Store, the Google Play store, as well as online. It gives students in need the opportunity to get discounts on everyday items to help them get through college. It was founded by Josh Rathour, available to students at the minimum age of 16, with some benefits available to high schools students as well.Rathour was a real estate agent before creating this company, wanting to connect students with deals offered by well known brands and retailers that are secure. Students get instant savings on 150 plus brands like Apple, H&M, Ray Ban, and Adidas. It is limited to students who are truly in need, for instance when signing up you have to verify your school along with your year of study and length of course.

UNiDAYS offers only the best deals for students with a wide variety of products such as daily essentials, entertainment, makeup, groceries, meal kits, cell phones, laptops, and tv’s. You can enter to win life changing experiences and opportunities to collaborate with some of your favorite brands like helping design items, and earn paid internships. As well as get helpful tips, tricks, become a guest blogger, take quizzes, and get college advice.

Throughout the college community, this app has become popular because it gives those students a discount on items considering college can be expensive. Similarly, benefits, such as coupons, are available for high school students. UNiDAYS has become known for giving back and helping those students who are struggling or are in need.