Seniors get ready for their last trimester

Emily Soehren, Business Manager

Time is quickly passing by for the 2018-2019 school year. It is finally exam week which is going to wrap up second trimester and lead into third trimester. The last trimester of the year is packed full of events for seniors as it is there last few months before the end of their high school career. Some of those events that seniors should keep track of are May 10, the senior all night party, May 22, the last day of school, May 23, prom, and May 31, graduation.

Seniors are starting to feel a little sentimental looking back on their memories of high school, but most are ready to graduate and move on with their lives. Here are some senior’s thoughts as they get ready for their last trimester.

“This last trimester is stressing me out because it’s so short, but I’m excited because there’s so much ahead of me,” Madelyn Coles said.

“I’m really excited and I can’t wait for college. I’ve grown so much in high school, and I’m thankful for that, but I’m excited to see where my life goes,” Caitlyn Hudek said.

“I’m excited to be out of school and I’m anxious for the future, but because of my zeal to become a successful adult, I feel like I can do anything,” Aniyah Mckanney said.

“It’s surreal that the final trimester is coming up so quickly. I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life and discover what is in store for us after high school,” Jade Danhausen said.

Time is quickly dwindling down for the seniors and soon they will be moving onto bigger and better things. Even though it is a scary thing, they seem excited for the future.