Helpful studying tips to help you pass exams

Kristi Patton, Staff Reporter

It is the end of another trimester, which means it is time for exams. We all know studying can be stressful, especially with all of the pressure of final exams counting for 20% of your final grade. Fortunately, there are a few ways to stay on task and to keep you motivated. Here are a few studying tips to help you study quickly and efficiently.

The first thing you should always do is pick a place and a time you want to study. Always pick a quiet place where there will not be any disturbances. While you are studying, try listening to classical music to relax your mind and help your ability to focus on the information. Another big thing that helps is planning out your time. One way that you can do this is by listing all of the subjects you need to study and what information you need to study. You can also divide your studying time between days by reviewing for English and math one day and history the next.

Another big part of studying is how you observe the material. If you are not a fan of flashcards or reviews, try decorating them or finding a Quizlet with the material on it, which has plenty of games to help with studying.

“I use quizlet to help me study because its easy to use and there’s a lot of different ways to study,” sophomore Emily Major said.

Make sure to stay motivated You could also try studying with friends because a study buddy can always make the process easier. Do not forget to take breaks and let your mind rest.

We hope to see you all pass your exams by using some of these studying tips.