Teachers greet parents for 2019 conferences


Caitlin Michael

Music teacher Kristina Collins talks to a parent.

Caitlin Michael, Editor-in-Chief

Wednesday, Jan. 16, was the 2019 conferences. Conferences give parents the opportunity to come into the school and meet their children’s teachers. It allows parents to talk to teachers about grades and the participation the child may or may not give during class.

Conferences were held in the main and auxiliary gyms. Before the parent walked in to the gym, they were handed their child’s progress report so the parent could not only see grades, but also the teachers they needed to talk to. Some parents brought their kid along with them, but most parents like to talk to the teachers alone with no distractions or interruptions the child may give.

For the most part, the turnout was average. There were lines of three to four people for teachers like Samantha Jordan and Gabriella Schmalenberg due to their AP classes, but some teachers did not talk to a parent for more than ten minutes at a time. From the time of 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm, you could see a constant flow of parents and kids walking around the gyms.

“Conferences were very successful. We had a better turnout than usual. It is always important to have good communication with the parents so we can let them know how their kids are doing and what they can improve during class,” history teacher David Clulo said.