Meditation: Does it really work?

Madison White, Sports Editor

  So many trends pass by on self help that benefit many in so many ways. Meditation is up for the question this time. What is meditation? According to, meditation is to engage in mental exercise (such as concentration on one’s breathing) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness. To break it down, meditation is to accept one’s thoughts instead of blocking out letting your mind wander with the help of concentrated breathing.

    I have started meditating to give it a try, and here is my personal experience on how it went, and if I recommend it. There is an app called “Headspace” that offers meditation sessions that caters to your needs in life. When I first started meditation, I did not trust it at all. What was the use of it anyways? As I went through the process, I understood why this was an important method of curing anxiety or sleep deprivation. The process let you wind your body down, let your thoughts come and go, and concentrated on you with your own body. At one peculiar point, the mediation was so calming that I almost fell asleep!

            After each session, I had learned more to let my thoughts come and go, and not dwell on every one that approaches. If you are looking to try new things for 2019, I definitely recommend meditation. It will take some time to understand and adjust to.

Headspace is the app that was mentioned in this piece.

Not only is it 10 minutes max out of your day, but it lets you confront yourself and your self discipline and peace.