Book it!

Kayla Mielke, Staff Reporter

This year Student Assembly has decided to host the school’s first ever book drive. They plan on setting up a mini library outside the maker-space in the spring. If you don’t know what a mini library is, it is a small stand that holds books for anyone to take, free of charge. The book drive will be held from Dec. 10 till Dec. 19 and the donation box will be outside the maker-space for staff and students to drop off books.

Once the final day comes, if the school hits the goal of 300 books then principal Pat Adams will be dressing up as Santa Claus. The other assistant principals Dennis Borse, Monica Gabriel, and Gary Scheff, along with athletic director Christopher Lafeve will be dressing as Christmas elves on the day before break.

“I hope that we can raise 1,000 books by the end,” Junior Meghan VanDamme said.

As of Dec. 10 they have received 121 books. That leaves everyone with a little more than a week to collect the remaining books. After the first day they have decided to keep the total a secret till the end of the drive so remember, bring in your books!