RHS is thankful for…

“My children” – English teacher Heidi Martin

“My health” – Math teacher Craig Nowicki

“My family and for other people that are happy” – Science teacher Bob Smitka

“A supporting husband that never makes me feel guilty” – Assistant principal Monica Gabriel

“My family” – Senior student athlete Lauren Orler.

“All of the opportunities I’ve been presented with” – Junior student athlete Jaheim Swaizey

“My Family” – Junior Cortez Kelly

“My family and friends” – Junior Devinn Houston

“Everything that I don’t have yet, it gives me motivation to go get it” – Counseling secretary Debbie Roberts

“Almost being done with high school and getting offers from multiple colleges” – Senior Jynnesis Vinette

“My position here at RHS and all the kids I get to work with good or bad, also I am thankful for my family being healthy” – Restorative justice facilitator Chrystie Hodak

“Family and my 10th graders” – Teacher and coach Keith Marzec

“I am thankful for my B.R.I.C.K. class” – Physical education teacher Marc Lamberti

And here at the Panther Prowl we are thankful for all of our dedicated readers and followers!