Childcare students spend time with kindergarteners


Tyra Hill

Senior Nina Croce helping a kindergartner use an apple slicer.

Tyra Hill and Savannah Burke

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, childcare teacher Suzanne Dzieciolowski and her class prepared a special treat with Sarah Beeler’s kindergarten class from Steenland Elementary. They made homemade applesauce using apples, cinnamon, sugar and apple juice. The kids partnered with a student and went to different stations, working through the different stages of production First they started off by peeling the apples with an apple slicer. Then they took their apples to the next station, which was using an apple cutter to slide the apple into wedges and to take out the core. The next station was to cut up the wedges into small pieces that would be put into the crockpot with the other ingredients. They also colored an apple workbook with their assigned childcare students, and then finished off by reading stories on the carpet while waiting for the applesauce to finish.

        “We like to do hands-on activities that help them build the social skills that can help them when talking to different high school kids and  better talking to adults, “ Dzieciolowski said.

        The students got to learn and practice life skills  such as good hygiene, safety with kitchen tools, and cooperative learning.

“My favorite part was trying the applesauce!” Kindergartener Makayla Morganheart said.