Team 30 football season comes to an end


Both of the lines up against one another.

Madison White, Sports Editor

On October 26 at 7:00 p.m, the RHS football team had played their last game of the season.With a lot of effort from both teams, the panthers fell short with the final score being 41-32. The boys fought hard this year, even breaking records in the process.

Junior and quarterback Javon Osterhout threw the ball more than usual, giving his team more chances of success throughout. Wide receiver and junior Martell Turner was thrown the ball many times throughout the night, making his most important reception in the first play of the game, running for a touchdown. Linebacker and junior Terrance Weathers had a fumble recovery that had given him a chance to score in the game. Junior and running back Davon Lowman had completed a pass to Osterhout in the game, making a groundbreaking play.

Throughout the entire season, the boys had shown immense effort, creating new memories and showing all that they have. Team 30 exceeded new limits throughout the season and hopefully Team 31 will carry on the legacy for RHS.

Both of the lines up against one another.
Junior Akeel Ahmed and senior Jayden Bishop.
The panthers huddling up together.