Roseville celebrates Red Ribbon week

Akeel Ahmed, Managing Editor

Roseville High school hosted a red ribbon week from Monday Oct. 22- Friday Oct. 26.

If you have walked through the school, you may have noticed some of the doors are decorated with huge sheets of paper containing phrases to help prevent smoking within the student body.

Teachers and students together support the movement and believe it is a step in the right direction. Many students think it is going to take a bit more than pieces of paper to encourage students and kids to stop smoking.

“One way advertisers have gotten through to the younger audiences is depicting situations the viewer does not want to be in, such as losing teeth or not being able to speak. Maybe if we used images like that, it would get across to more people,” junior Javon Osterhout said.

The red ribbon movement was put into effect to help show the school’s involvement in the process to end smoking with young teens, and maybe even the adults that teach them.

“It’s an excellent program to take part in and it’s for a great cause,” Math teacher Victoria Sedik said.

Cute pug posters were made for the doors of the lunchroom.
In the front of the makerspace, red ribbons are making an appearance.
Posters are in the halls as well as on doors.