Link Crew hosts football tailgate for freshmen


Freshmen join in on a game of bean bag toss.

Emily Soehren, Business Manager

On Oct. 19, link crew hosted a tailgate for the freshmen class before the final varsity home game. This is the second tailgate that link crew has ever hosted for the freshmen to get them excited for the final home game and to have them hang out with their link crew leaders. The tailgate was from 5:00 to 6:30 in the main cafeteria and it was decorated to welcome the freshmen and their link crew members were welcoming them as they walked in.

There were various games such as ladder ball, cornhole, and bean bag toss for the freshmen to play. At the cafeteria tables, there were sheets of paper for the freshmen to draw on or sign their names. The link crew leaders were also there to join in on the fun and they were able to hang out with their freshmen and get to know them a little bit better outside of school. Even though it was a rainy day, some link crew leaders were still able to grill the food outside and get everyone fed. After everyone ate, some of the tables were moved so people could dance to the music that was being played to pass the time. Once the time hit 6:30, link crew leader/teacher Mike Zimmer rounded the students together to take them to the football game because they were able to get into the game for free.

“The tailgate was amazing and it was nice to see my freshmen. The kosher hot dogs were really good!” senior link leader Leah Cole said.