Seniors grab another win in the 2018 powderpuff game


Seniors and juniors are preparing for the start of powderpuff 2018.

Tyler Poulsen, Copy Editor

On Wednesday Oct. 19, RHS’ girls junior team came out to compete against the senior team in a game of powderpuff. The ball went to the juniors first to start the 45 minute flag football game on RHS’s field. In the first half, the ball got turned over to the seniors, who then had Lauren Orler pushing through her competition to score the first touchdown. The juniors fought back and gained yards until the time on the clock ran out.

The cheerleaders from the junior team started running their way around the track to challenge the senior cheerleaders. The seniors came charging back, meeting in the middle, where the two teams cheerfully challenged each other to see what flyer could be held up the longest. Both sides lifted their men up and began, with a long standoff that ended in a juniors’ tumble.

The final half of the game had the juniors starting once again. They fumbled, losing the ball and giving the seniors a chance to score once again. A final push towards the opposing field was executed, having Orler making a touchdown with only a few seconds left on the clock. The game came to an end, with the final score being 12-0, and a senior victory.

“Everyone played their best, but only one team could win. Class of 2019 was never taking the L,” senior Brooklynn Knox said.