2018 Open House


Caitlin Michael

History teacher Emily Collias talking to junior Meghan VanDamme and her mother.

Caitlin Michael, Editor-in-Chief

Wednesday, Oct 3, was the 2018 open house at Roseville. Open house is a chance for parents to step into their child’s shoes and see where they go and what they do everyday at school. Parents get to meet the teachers that their children have and the principals that run the school.
This years open house was not very popular. As you walked through the hallways, you did not see many parents or students. Also, when you walked by the classrooms, there were usually not more than two pairs of parents talking to the teacher.
“I think we could increase turnout for open house by presenting it to parents as a chance to spend a day in their child’s shoes and by running their schedule first through sixth hour with 15 minutes in each class. That would give them a chance to meet the teacher, learn about the curriculum, and see what their student sees everyday,” English teacher Gabriella Schmalenberg said.
Although not many people showed up to this event, the teachers still informed the parents who came and gave insight on what their child does and how well they are doing in their classes.