Boys soccer kicks their way to a victory


Madyson Marzec

The team celebrating a goal.

Madyson Marzec, Sports Editor

On Monday, Sept 24, the varsity boys soccer team played a home game against the Fitzgerald Spartans. After a rainy, wild game, the boys came out on top with a score of 5-1.

Senior Nick Craig scored the first goal within 15 minutes of the game. As the first half rolled along, senior Mitchell Childress scored an epic shot from the 30 yard line.

“At some points there were some instances where they got to us but it didn’t affect our game play,” Childress said.

In the second half, with only 20 minutes to go, Fitzgerald scored their first and only goal of the night. Senior Andrew Keltz went into the game not knowing he was going to be goalie, but still played well by taking one for the team and stepping up.

As the game continued, Childress got his second goal of the game and sophomores Dylan Goodger and Tyler Verhelle got goals as well. On the field, words were exchanged and there was an extreme amount of pushing and shoving, but they came out on top.

“We played extremely well yesterday. We played very unselfish, and we played for each other,” coach Keith Marzec said.