Spirit Week Day One : Mad Hatter Monday


Tyra Hill

Seniors Natalie Martin and Cody Quiroz with their “crazy” hairstyles.

Tyra Hill, Copy Chief

Today RHS kicked off spirit week with Mad Hatter Monday, which, despite the name, is actually a day for students to go crazy with their hair. Although today lacked participation, there are still students who joined in on the fun. Some went simple with some hair spray, and others went all out, from putting shoe laces to balloons in their hair, to shaping it like food.

“I wanted to do something no one else would think of, so I went on pinterest to find some creative ones and the balloons really stuck out,” Senior Natalie Martin said.

Although today was not a complete success, it was great to see all the wacky ideas the students came up with. Cannot wait until we are seeing double with Twin Tuesday tomorrow!