Brand new exciting Netflix original

Christie McConnell, Staff Reporter

A new Netflix original called Kissing Booth came out May 11. Kissing Booth was originally a Wattpad story.The movie was directed by Vince Marcello and  starred Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn, Joey King as Elle Evans, and Joel Courtney as Lee Flynn. Kissing Booth is about Elle Evans who has never kissed anyone and with her best friend Lee, they decide to run a kissing booth at a school carnival.  Evans ends up kissing her best friend´s brother at the kissing booth who is also her secret crush. Evans cannot date Noah because she and Lee made an agreement or ¨rule number nine.¨

Personally, I think that Kissing Booth is a really good movie. I love the fact that the movie itself is different. You rarely see movies that are like this one. Kissing booth shows how Elle and Lee were so close from the time they were born and how they grew apart for a little bit during high school and how they come right  back to best friends in the long run.

“Kissing Booth is one of my favorite movies at the moment,” sophomore Kila Goodger said.

On the website some critics think otherwise of the movie.  The film has gotten both good, and also bad, reviews on this website.

Troubling treatment of the female body and unrealistic representation of high school hinders its ability to accomplish anything meaningful,” Tess Cagle said.