How do we feel now that our seniors are gone


Makyia Whitaker

“The emptiness of our senior classes”

Makyia Whitaker, Staff Reporter

      How we feel now that seniors are gone


It has been a long time coming, and this year has been fast but slow. Seniors are now gone and underclassmen have a little over  two weeks left. The big question to ask our seniors would now be, “How does it feel to be done and over with high school”, but most importantly what will you miss?  RHS has had multiple parties and celebrations for our seniors since we appreciate and love them so much! It was an amazing honor having the students who did attend here.  

As for the rest of us, we will continue being awesome, and ride out the rest of our year with confidence Our main focus now is what happens to the classes that our seniors had the most impact on, and how do we feel about it?

We have programs, clubs and outside activities that our seniors were a huge part of so it is really important that we stay proactive as a whole.  For example, the choir just lost a great big deal of their students because they are all graduating with the 2018 class.I asked choir members how they feel  and what does it mean for them to have lost so many members of their group and they said that It feels like a piece of them is missing, which is, but also that they were family and will be missed.

“ I hope we have the bond with everyone next year that this year’s seniors had with us,” junior Chelsea Bacci said.

In conclusion to everything that has been going on, it is kind of bittersweet and we will just continue our year and have the cycle repeat with next year’s seniors.