Link Crew hosts ice cream social for freshmen


Emily Soehren, Business Manager

Over the past year, Link Crew has been helping the freshmen adjust to high school life. They have gotten to know their freshmen groups and have become more involved with them by planning different events to get them more involved with the school. To wrap up the year, they  held an ice cream social on Thursday, May 17 during 6th hour. To make the ice cream social a surprise, Link Crew made tickets saying that freshmen had to go down to the main cafeteria for ICS testing, unaware there was a fun surprise awaiting them. There were four tables set up with different types of ice cream and toppings that they could choose from. Running the tables were various Link Crew members where they were able to hang out and see their freshmen. Also, there was a speaker playing music. It was a relaxing way to bring the freshmen together one last time and to end their first year of high school.

“It was so cool seeing all of my freshmen at the event. I had tons of fun and I cannot wait to continue doing this throughout my senior year,” junior Caitlyn Hudek said.