French Honor Society available for qualified students

Jazemine Walker, Staff Reporter


French teacher Amy Bourgeois has launched a French Honor Society. It was formulated by the American Association of Teachers of French in 1949. The organization is for recognizing students who have sustained exceptional grades in a foreign language.

Bourgeois has already selected ten inductees for the club: freshman Zoey Carter, sophomores Kayla Kornelson, Meghan VanDamme, Abigail Barnett, Lily Kalcec, Dawes Sikora, Benjamin Kratt, and juniors Olivia Mack, Megan Ferranti, and Evan Ferranti. These students will be a part of the first chapter.

To be eligible for the French Honor Society, students must have completed French II B and maintained an A average for two constructive years of French and average cumulative grade of a “B-” in all other subjects. It is also a requirement for every inductee to attend the induction ceremony on May 30 and attend regular French club meetings, participate in at least one fundraising event each year, and at least one community service project each year.  Students must also participate in a three-hour segment of French tutoring and enrichment each year; if selected, students will actively promote the study of the French language and culture at RHS.

“I’m super excited for this next journey,” Bourgeois said.

The concluding step for enrollment in the society is the induction ceremony where those who are eligible will then take a pledge. This event will occur in the maker space at 7:45 am on Wednesday, May 30; a small breakfast will also be provided immediately after the induction.