Spirit Week: Day 5 Class Color Day


Jacob Mohn

Seniors Red, Black ,White.

Jacob Mohn, Sports Editor

On May 11, students who participated in today’s spirit week day were asked to wear their spirit class colors, which will later in the day lead to a class color oriented pep assembly.  Freshmen wore white, sophomores wore black, juniors wore red, and seniors wore red, black, and white together. The girls wore their tutuos and applied dot patterned face paint. Many guys wore their sports team shirts that went with their class color or just a plain shirt.

“I am impressed with the school spirit of the 10th and 12th grade that I teach students are fired up for the pep assembly and we are grateful that Mrs. Collias and Student Assembly decided to put this on at this time of the year, it is a great way to break a tense time of the year with exams and after testing. So we are excited to celebrate spring successes,” English teacher Angela Kwiatkowski said.