Spring Cleaning

Anitra Vance, Staff Reporter

This year our school outreach division, student assembly, came up with the idea to have a spring drive. The clothing drive is meant to give away new or barely used clothes to others. To put a smile on peoples’ faces who are less fortunate, can not afford to buy new clothes, or are homeless. It is a competition that will be taking place May 7-11 in front of the Makerspace or counseling office. They are planning on having all grade levels and staff at the high school donate clothes into the clothing boxes that were decorated by students and staff. The staff will have their own box too! The goal is the class that fills their box or boxes the most will win. The reward will be good old bragging rights!

Mcrest is located in macomb county and became a part of this idea, because it is a program which is in shelters and they are the ones passing the clothes out and washing the clothes before they hand them out at the shelters to the less fortunate for us once we collect the clothes. The is the first time our school has done anything like this, they do plan on doing this again in the future. This program is like family to so many different churches and is very amazing. So if you can donate, everyone will appreciate it. To everyone remember this, if you have not worn it in a year you should donate it!