Building tradition at Rochester College


Akeel Ahmed

Mohn posing with his mom and new coach after signing with Rochester.

Akeel Ahmed, Sports Editor

Senior Jacob Mohn began his wrestling career at the age of 4 and now, 14 years later, Mohn is ready for the next step in his journey and that is at Rochester college.

“We are gonna compete at the national level, not just the local level, and that is gonna take a lot of hard work,” coach Paul Holdren said.

Mohn is receiving half of his tuition to attend Rochester for youth ministry as his major and business administration as his minor. Mohn is the first wrestler to sign to this first year team from Macomb.

“Everything I have ever been taught and learned has built up to this moment. It was all my dad has ever wanted for me, and now it is accomplished,” Mohn said.