Family Fun Night


Gym set up for families to enjoy events.

kayla mielke, Staff Reporter

On Friday March 27, we hosted  the annual family fun night. The set up started during sixth hour, with  tables being set up in the main gym and in the halls by the gym and pool. Most of the clubs had there own tables and booths with fun things for everyone to do. They had  food in the big cafeteria and outside for barbecue. It started at six and had a great turnout., Elementary, middle also high schoolers brought their families to come and have fun.

In the main gym there were teachers and clubs with fun games  to play an win prizes. You also had to opportunity to see what the clubs were about. In the small gym they had sports set up. They had soccer, where the kids had to get through cones and make a goal. They also had basketball, if you made a shot you would get a sucker. There was also hula hoops for fun, and a football catcher for testing your throw. Outside opposite of the barbecue  The Robotics Engineering Science and Technology (R.E.S.T.) club was At the main entrances sitting at greeting tables, and handing out t-shirts for the kids. They also had police officers there to talk about their jobs and even brought a police with them for the kids to kids pet.

In the small cafeteria there was something for the younger kids such as kindergarteners and preschoolers. They could get their faces painted and had fun activities for them to do.hey had blankets where they could sit and listen to a book, had fun board games, and a coloring center..

After the event ended  at eight the National Honor Society members helped with clean up and taking everything down. There was so many fun things for people to do and many enjoyed being there.

“I enjoyed the day and it was well organized but very crowded,” sophomore Dylan Thomas said.