Penny War is back to benefit autism


Maryam Khalil , Section Editor


The Penny War is back again this year to raise money for another great cause, the Autism Awareness Foundation. It is sponsored by Suzanne Dzieciolowski´s child care class and they are hoping to raise at least $2,500 this year. It run  from Apr 30 to May 4, with the following rules:

  1. Classes can “sabotage” other teams by dropping nickels, dimes, quarters or dollar bills into that class´s jar. Students and teachers cannot prevent this sabotage, but they can reciprocate by putting silver coins and dollar bills into the opposing teams’ jars.
  2. Each silver coin or bill reduces the number of points from that container by the amount of the coin.(e.g. A nickel reduces the point by five, a dime by ten, a dollar by 100, etc…) this is where strategy counts.Penny War is back to benefit autism
  3. Students can buy pennies in room A207 before school to put in their jars until 8:00 a.m.
  4. Containers are emptied and counted daily.
  5. The totals for all classes are posted daily to encourage friendly competition. A school announcement will be made daily.

Each day for five days, the jars will be collected in the morning by 8:20. The class with the highest percentage per student will win a Pizza and Pasta party, donated by the hospitality program during C lunch on Friday, May 11. The second place class will win donuts and juice, donated by the Child Care program during first hour class May 11.  Dzieciolowski is hoping that students start to participate in this earlier rather than waiting until the last couple of days.

¨We all know someone who has autism or is on the spectrum. It is a great cause and April is Autism Awareness Month,¨ Dzieciolowski said.

Top seven places based on total pennies per student

Zekind-Weed – 79 pennies

Jordan – 24

Hazard- 20

Teutsh – 17

Czech – 10

Skidmore – 10

Hansen.s – 9