Seniors’ are down to their final month


Makyia Whitaker, Staff Reporter

Here at Roseville, it is crunch time for our seniors. Although it may seem like graduation is far away, it is next  month along with prom, as well as senior dues and final passing grades in order to graduate.

Graduation time means many important decisions are upon them for finding a career, making living arrangements, paying bills, and finding transportation. The future is bright, and getting through that last year of high school can be wonderful, frustrating, and emotional.

That is why it is so important to have a game plan and have great support behind you.

Many students have already started, if not purchased, the things for prom and graduation.

“I am so ready for prom and graduation, but if I would be a freshman again I would, it is so hard and very demanding to graduate high school. I personally think I am ready, but then again it is  a lot of responsibility that comes with becoming an adult,” senior Cherelle Turner said.

Pre-planning is  important for seniors, that is why the counselors try their very best to present helpful strategies and offers that could be really useful for students in general, but especially the students who are about to graduate.

For those who do not know, prom is not mandatory. Prom is a tradition and an event that all schools around the world participate in. It is like the last party of your high school years, so it is important for many to attend to. Prom is May 24 at 7 p.m, hosted at the Vintage house.

It should be very memorable and we have several new things to look forward to. Graduation is May 31 hosted at the Bethesda. There are rehearsals being held at 10am and the ceremony will be at 7 p.m that evening.

We want to make sure that all of our seniors are aware of everything happening in these upcoming months.

Graduation may feel like the best day of your life, to some it may be prom, but both events are very meaningful and should be remembered the best way they can be.

“I literally can not wait to walk across that stage, to show my family and friends all the hard work and dedication I have been putting in and has actually paid off for that little thick piece of paper that says you have successfully completed Roseville High School.”  senior Clydell James said.