Students host walkout in remembrance of shooting


Caitlin Michael

Students gather on the bleachers for the walkout.

Caitlin Michael, Managing Editor

On Friday, April 20, students at RHS hosted a walkout in remembrance of the Columbine school shooting. It was organized by junior Cody Quiroz. Although he did not walkout, his efforts were still appreciated. Students walked out at 10 a.m for 45 minutes. At first, students were separated into their own groups across the football field, but as time went by everyone started going to the bleachers. Senior Miranda Rumfelt saw the situation and took charge. She had everyone sit close together on the bleachers and made a speech on the reason everyone was out there.

“This is our reality. That (shooting) could happen here. I do not want to be scared and go through that, I do not want my parents to go through that. Parkland’s whole community has changed and I do not want this community to become that,” Rumfelt said during her speech.

Alongside Rumfelt, was sophomores Lily Kalcec, Flora Luo, and freshman Dakoda Inscho. All three of them made a speech talking about  ways to be respectful to your peers and why you should do it.

Juniors Makayla Sumrall and Natalie Terry-Martin joined together to talk about the different ways you can make a difference in your community.

“We are the younger generation, and adults think that since we are, we do not matter (in politics.) But the truth is, we have the world at our fingertips and there is so much we can do to make a change,” Sumrall said.

These walkouts allow students who cannot vote, have a voice in this world and give them a change to stand up for what they believe in peacefully.