Students win five medals for Science Olympiad


Maryam Khalil, Section Editor

Recently, students Kyle Rumer, Phillip Longueuil, Gino Reinke, Shungloon Wong, Brennan Coles and Red Lawson represented Roseville High School at the Science Olympiad competition. Science Olympiad is a competition at Macomb Community College in which students from different high schools and middle schools compete in different science-related events, including earth science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering.

Coles and Lawson won eighth place in Fermi questions, Reinke and Wong won sixth place in Game on in which they had to create a game on the spot in 30 minutes, and Longueuil and Rumer won sixth place in materials science and third place in Ecology.  Altogether, winning five medals which is a new record for them.

Students are given a schedule of what is going on throughout the day and they attend their competitions and sessions.

 After the competition scores are tallied up after,  the medals are handed out based on scores. The teams represent the schools together, but the medals and points are given to students individually.

Competitors prepare for this competition on their own, there are no club meetings after school, it is completely independent.

“Mr. (Brian) King gave us a list of events and we kind of picked among ourselves what we might be interested in and prepared for them,” competitor/senior Kyle Rumer said.

Most of the events are just tests on subjects like rocks and minerals or astronomy, but there are some creative events like experimental design where Rumer and Longueuil designed their own science experiment. Some other events allow them to create a piece outside the event and bring it in to test it out.

“I am proud of my team and hope more people join the Science Olympiad,” Rumer said.