Incoming freshmen visit the high school

Emily Soehren and Roqaiah Odeh

Roqaiah Odeh
Last night, RHS hosted an event to welcome incoming freshmen to the high school. They will be coming here in the fall and it is going to be a huge transition from middle school. To make the change a little bit easier, eighth graders were able to come here and see what the school offers and all the different classes and teachers the high school has. It helped the students become more familiar with the building and, in the fall, hopefully give them a good idea of what to expect.

The link crew members were preparing for this day a few weeks before and met up to practice on how to introduce the students. They went over where to take the students and what to speak about. Link crew sponsors, Michael Zimmer and Bethany Allen, made sure to cover every opportunity provided at our school. For example, certain wings were dedicated to specific subjects and several booths were set up for the different clubs and teams. The gym was mainly focused on educating about the sports available, such as swim, football, track and cheer. There was a booth in the B wing about the bond that will be voted on in May to put certain areas of our school under construction. The rainbow club was also represented in the A wing by the club leaders and they spoke to the students about what they stand for, the purpose of the club, and why it was created.

To start off their tour through the building, the eighth graders and their families were assigned to a staff member and a couple link crew leaders that led them throughout various spots in the building. The students walked in with their families and were directed to the makerspace where they were assigned to a few link crew members that would give them their personal tours. At the different spots, there were teachers and staff members that would explain the different departments they are from. There was a math section, English section, science section, art section, counseling section, choir/band section, social studies section, and other various sections. The students got an overview of the classes that are offered and the teachers that teach them. They were informed on everything that the different classes do throughout the school year and how things work in the classes.

“It was a great opportunity for eighth graders to speak to future teachers and walk through the facility to see the different programs we have here,” English teacher Heidi Martin said.

It was a successful night for all the eighth graders, current students, and faculty. The eighth graders got a good idea of what to expect and a look into what they might want to get involved in when they come back in the fall. The students were able to represent the clubs and teams they are involved in and passionate about. The faculty did a great job making sure everything was organized and successful. Thank you to everyone that lent a hand and made last night go as smoothly as it did.