Lip Dub makes its way back


Anitra Vance, Staff Reporter

Last school year, the whole school did a video introducing our school to the world called the Lip Dub. This year we are doing the same thing but a little different it will take place March 29 which is before spring break. Angie Houghton is the teacher that makes everything happen, she also gets some help from the students in our school. Have you ever wondered why we want to make a video describing or explaining what Roseville High School is really about? This year our reason is to establish a positive tradition that embodies all the students interests and personalities.

Houghton said she had added a few different looks to our new Lip Dub by not recording all in one tape. This time it will be taped in three different parts. All students will be recorded in brick classes for the first tape. If any student wants to have a solo they will be able to talk to Houghton for those parts. For the first scene, all students will be able to sign up on google documents. The students with Houghton will be recording in the gymnasium, football field, classrooms, and hallways.

Principal Patrick Adams loves the idea that we can do this, he supports it 100%. He also had his special part in the Lip Dub last year. Most likely he will be in the new one too. Anyone can be involved but if students do not want to participate, they will have to report to the small lunchroom.

Doing this Lip Dub will be a very fun thing to accomplish, just to sit back relax and enjoy the show that our very own Panthers will put on. There is going to be different themes and different music choices so all students can relate. A lot of students will be dancing and running around. Here at Roseville High School this is a school where all students will achieve their full potential.