“My My My” starts a new era for Troye Sivan

Madison White, Copy Editor

In the world of music, Troye Sivan has definitely been flying under the radar. The last we have seen from him was a feature song called “There For You” with Martin Garrix on April 22nd, 2017. His last album was released on Dec. 4, 2015. It seems like Sivan has fallen into the void… until now. Sivan recently has released his brand new single “My My My” on Jan. 10.

The music video for this song is mostly in black and white, which reminds me of an 80’s Michael Jackson music video. The song is upbeat, which is a drastic change from his last album, which has slower, more chill songs. The song itself explains a wild love between two people and the troubles they have throughout the relationship. This has got to be one of his most anticipated and loved songs in such a short amount of time for Sivan. The music video was the #1 trending video on Youtube in less than 11 hours.

If you are looking for a new song or even artist to listen to, I definitely recommend listening to him. Many fans have even predicted that his full album will be released in late February to March.