REST club shows off their skills at Roseville Middle School

Emily Soehren, Business Manager

On Thursday, the REST club went to Roseville Middle School to show off the things they have done in the club. Last year, the club went there and now were invited back. Advisors, Robert Simitka and Bethany Allen, took the group of students to spend the day and talk to the 8th grade science classes. The students got to learn all about REST and meet the various members that are in the club. When they first got there, REST members were split into separate groups and assigned different materials/projects to show off.

In the separate groups, the members had activities for the students to do. They could make crafts, marshmallow stick buildings, and find out how to work the 3D printer REST uses for making different things. The autonomous team showed the students how to program the ROV car. The students got to see how a camera, connected to the car, can follow a certain color. They explained that the camera has to get programmed to follow a specific color. When the car gets locked onto the color, it can follow the it and drive by itself. Also, they brought a little robot named Oli. Oli is controlled off an iPad and is able to roll around and go wherever you want.

These projects were shown off and the members were able to talk to the students. They explained how everything works and how they were created.

“It was a fun and cool experience to be able to spread the club to new people and be able to let them be active in the type of stuff we do in REST,” sophomore Brenden Bishop said.