A random act of kindness

Skyler Alexander

Caitlin Michael, Managing Editor

On Tuesday, Jan. 23, two juniors gave sophomore Nick Knight something he will never forget. Knight once told Skyler Alexander that he was hoping for a PS4 for Christmas, and when he told Alexander that he did not get it, he decided to take action. Joining forces with Matt Ford, the two saved up money for a PS4, the cords needed to hook it up, a controller, and some games.

On the day the deed was done, Alexander and Ford went to deliver the gift. They all have gym class so they took Knight up to the bleachers and gave him a very special surprise. “I stood there speechless for a second. I could not believe what was happening,” Knight said.

Alexander uploaded the video he took to twitter.com. He titled it as “The nicest thing to ever happen to Roseville.” His video currently has 747 retweets, and 2,684 likes, and the numbers keep going up.

Alexander and Ford said they both felt really good afterwards and would definitely do it again to another deserving person, but would probably not put it on film because they do not want to make it a big deal.

“I am so thankful for this and I will never forget what they did,” Knight said.