Choir performs at Macomb Mall


Cali Thomas , Staff Reporter

On Friday, Dec. 8, the choir and Dazzle! Students performed at Macomb Mall. The show took place just outside of Kohl’s.

Diane Dennerly has been attending this event for two years now.

“I look forward to it every year,” Dennerly said.

There were many songs performed by different groups. First, the symphonic choir and Dazzle! performed “Carol of the Bells”. Next, the symphonic choir performed “Believe” from The Polar Express. Then, Cantando performed Little Saint Nick. Next, Samantha Averitt and Kaelyn Kowalski did a duet performance of “12 Days after Christmas”. Then, Chanson performed Coventry Lullaby. Next, the Symphonic group performed an acapella version of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. Finally, Dazzle! and Symphonic came together and topped the show off with Santa Baby.

Sophomore  Alexa Cheeks, Treble choir and Dazzle! member, said she has been doing this show for two years now.

“The show is fun, I look forward to singing and shopping at the mall every year”, Cheeks said. She plans on getting her nails done and getting a bite to eat after the show.

“After doing the Macomb Mall performance for several years, this is probably one of the best performances the high school has done. It was greatly blended, I heard and saw more emotion in the songs. I think the students allowed themselves to have fun and be more relaxed,” accompanist Debra Churchill said.