New teacher introduces new club


Dinaz Kazi

Creative club sponsor, Angela Kwiatkowski.

Dinaz Kazi, Copy Editor

A new club has been introduced to the students of our school. The club is a great addition for students to put their skills to work and improve on them. The club is a creative writing club allowing students to use their creative skills to write stories, poems, and tales. The club is a good way to see what the students at Roseville are capable of. It gives readers an inside look to what the young writers can achieve when given just a pencil and paper.

“I like the fact that I can express my feelings and daydreams onto a piece of paper and I am currently working on a story. The club also brings people with common interests in writing together and I really hope this club is given a fair chance,” senior Elizaveth Martinez said.

Writing is a great way for people to get their ideas out with a way of showing how they feel on certain topics. The plot twists and surprising endings are always a shock, and they are the reason audiences love reading pieces of writing.

“Everyone writes very intriguing short stories with exciting plot twists,” English teacher sponsor Angela Kwiatkowski said.

The club meets up every Monday from 2:55 to 4pm. They do different writing activities like poetry, short stories, and read what they write. The members write over the weekend and present what they have been working on to the rest of the club. Two members, seniors Sam Averitt and Tatyana Lewis, even wrote a professional play, Breaking More Than a Leg that was performed for the rest of the school and community.

The members of the club hope to one day be professional writers to share their work with the world.