Senior wins card game tournament


Chelsea Bacci

Senior Brennan Coles

Chelsea Bacci, Staff Reporter

On Thursday Nov. 9, the RHS gaming club played a bracket-style tournament of a game called  Magic: The Gathering. Senior Brennan Coles came out as the champion out of ten players.


“I feel really good about winning because it shows I know what I’m doing when I play,” Coles said.


Magic: The Gathering is a game played with a deck of cards. Players start with seven cards, and draw a card each turn. The player can play certain cards called “lands”, which can be tapped to add mana points; or energy for magic. Mana is used to cast spells. The goal is to use these spells to “kill” the other person by draining their 20 “life’ points.


“I won by attacking Anthony with all five of my creatures, which is a type of spell,” Coles said.


The final match was played by Coles and senior Anthony Junnila. The match was closely observed by the rest of the club. Coles reigned champion of the overall game tournament. 


The gaming club meets every Thursday after school and is sponsored by assistant principal Gary Scheff.