New AP classes introduced at RHS


Roqaiah Odeh

AP Psych watching an educational documentary

Tyra Hill, Copy Editor

As the trimester comes to an end, many students are prepping for final exams, Especially for their Advanced Placement classes. This year we say hello to a bunch of new AP classes. We now offer AP human geography, taught by David Clulo, AP psychology taught by John Czech, AP physics taught by Melvin Richendollar and AP environmental science taught by John Reinowski. AP classes are also now available for freshmen, who jumped at the chance of earning college credits.

Many freshmen took an AP science class, recommended by Richendollar. Freshman Emily Major says she loves AP environmental science because there is a lot more discussion and more involvement in the class. Reinowski says he loves how hardworking and determined the students are.

There are some entirely new subjects such as AP human geography, that Clulo was ready to take on.

“I have been an AP teacher since the year 2000 when I started AP U.S. history, when Mr. Adams (principal) asked me if I wanted to teach an AP class, I jumped at the chance,” Clulo said.

He loves teaching the class and how involved the students are. Freshman Zoe Iannuci-Thompson says she loves the challenge and how engaged the class is.

Along with AP human geography, AP physics is now available. Richendollar says teaching AP is fun and he loves his AP class. Sophomores Hayden Hall and Hannah Hogan both said they wanted to challenge themselves and are excited to get the college credits.

AP psychology is a different class from the normal that is now offered at RHS. Czech says this class will help students think more critically and give them skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

“Students who take AP classes in general are more college bound,” Czech said.

Senior Gino Reinke says he loves the challenge of the class and how interesting it is. Czech is excited to see the class grow and become more involved throughout the year.

This is not the first time RHS has offered AP classes. AP biology, AP chemistry, and APU.S. History were all classes that were available every other year, but now are available every year. Teachers Robert Smitka and Samantha Jordan both say they are excited that students now have more options and can learn more every year.