RHS holds canned food drive to help families


Maryam Khalil, Section Editor

Every year in the fall, Student Assembly hosts a canned food drive to give to those who need for the holidays. This food drive is to gather as many cans as we can to get distributed at the national organization called Gleaners Food Bank. The food bank raises awareness for the families that are struggling to financially support their families with food for the holidays, such as Thanksgiving, and also for the remainder of the year.

There is also a friendly competition between first hours to see who can bring the most food sources to school. The students can bring in as many cans or boxed goods as they can and turn them into their first hours. They can bring them from home or go to the store and buy more to add to the donation. It is also allowed for one person from their first hour to collect money from everybody and shop on their own.

The drive began on Monday, Nov. 13and runs until Friday, Nov. 17. The cans will be picked up Wednesday and Friday. The winning class will be determined by percentages based on the number of students there are in a class and the number of cans they brought totalled. The winning class will receive an incentive of apple juice and donuts and the winning teacher will win Starbucks gift cards. The winners will be announced Monday morning.

“I am hoping that the students and staff can remember the reason for the drive and that is to help others who are less fortunate than us,” can food drive leader Jesse Hansen said.