Adjusting to a new schedule


Makyia Whitaker

The school schedule

Makyia Whitaker, Staff Reporter

The clock is ticking, seasons are coming and going and time is passing by. Here at Roseville we have finals in two weeks and Thanksgiving break in three, so many things to do and less time to plan. It feels like time is flying, but there is still something new to be prepared for everyday. Adjusting to school is one thing, but adjusting to a new year is another. It is safe to say that all students at Roseville handle adjustment in there own way. Even though we are all facing tough challenges with break, upcoming holidays, finals, new classes, graduation ect… we are still fighting and working very hard to move forward to greater things and success.

“On top of me being a senior and graduating, I still have things to worry about outside of school, and still maintain sports, work, college, family, and much more. I am eager to graduate and be done, but there are still lots of things I need to do,” Senior Kelvin Ambers said.

From freshman year to senior year, there are a lot of things to learn. On top of having to adjust to things in school, you also have to adjust to extra things that come along the way. Such as extra curricular activities, or things you are interested outside of school like family, friends, and work. We all just have to continue to work hard and roll with the punches of the  teenage life.