RHS puts on annual open house in new way


Sarah Allen and Sam Averitt

Thursday night, RHS hosted their annual open house in a different way than they normally do. Last year and years prior, Roseville usually put up tri-fold boards of clubs, sports, and academic departments with a representative at each table. Although this year to kick off the night, parents were to meet in the new maker space where they could pick up a student handbook, Roseville logo bumper sticker, chip clip, and beverage cozy. After, parents and students were taken for a tour around the school by different teachers in the building. Parents had the chance to go into classrooms with teachers of a certain academic department to meet and speak with them. Parents learned about not only the teachers themselves, but what classes their child is taking, and how their day goes on a daily basis.

“You may not actually be speaking to the teacher your child has, but it is nice to at least speak with some teachers that eventually your child will have,” social studies teacher, Emily Collias said.

Many students and parents agreed that they like the open house system this year more than they did last year.

“It is a great opportunity for parents to come in with their kids to see what is going on in the school,” parent Cathy Michael said.

“It was more personable, more one on one,” sophomore Maria Fox said.

Assistant principal Gary Scheff believed that this year’s open house was more productive.

“We had more people, they were coming at all different times. They were getting to see a lot more of the building and they got to personalize their tour,” Scheff said.