Teachers show Halloween spirit


Dinaz Kazi

Science teacher, Smitka, letting a student make fire.

Dinaz Kazi, Copy Editor

During this year’s Halloween, teachers showed their holiday spirit by dressing up in different ways. They got involved in this holiday throughout the school. Biology teacher, Bob Smitka, dressed up as an evil scientist. He created the environment of a cool laboratory in his classroom and students were excited to work with the scientific items, such as, colorful liquids and smoke in test tubes, and constant bubbles flowing out of them. He even let students make fire, by making them have bubbles on their hands and striking a lighter.

  Some teachers thought it was great to have students bring in food and have a potluck while playing review games which lasted for the entire class hour. Other teachers who didn’t have much time, decided to just give out candy as a reward when work was finished. 

  English teacher, Gabriella Schmalenberg, had snacks and played a word association game called “Codenames”.

  “It was fun to do something a little different. My students enjoyed the game and we worked on vocabulary building, while building a sense of community a family in our room,” Schmalenberg said.