Student athlete of the month

Jacob Mohn, Sports Editor

The fall sports seasons are soon to conclude as the end of the month draws near. Through the progression of the season, students get opportunities to shine on and off the field.

Senior Chris Calloway has been chosen as the student athlete of the month. Calloway has been noticed by several individuals on and off the field.

Calloway, a two year varsity football player who works hard on and off the field to be the best, plays slot receiver and cornerback on the field. He has played football for only three years, and played both defense as well as offense which is a big achievement for Calloway. Other sports Calloway participates in is varsity track in spring, which helps him with speed for football.


“ A student athlete is someone who is focused on being the best student and athlete they can be at the same time,” Calloway said.


Many people recognize Calloway as number two on the field,  but others choose to know him as an intelligent leader of Roseville High School. Calloway is a member of Student Assembly and National Honors Society. He also is a Link Leader for the freshman class.  Even outside of school, Calloway proceeds to show his leadership skills. This month, Calloway has earned employee of the month at his work place, Burger King.

With a high GPA of 3.7, he has high expectations of going to Central Michigan University. He would like to major in engineering or physical therapy.  Calloway believes that to be successful in school and sports, you should have the mentality to work harder than everyone else.