Building awareness, embracing survivors during breast cancer awareness month


Jazemine Walker, Staff Reporter

In October, we celebrate Breast Cancer to bring more awareness of how important the disease is. According to on average of every two minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and one will die of it every 13 minutes. Many people show support during the month of October to show their support of survivors and lost ones from the disease.

The accounting clerk, Kelly Boss, is a breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed on Oct. 26, 2004, almost 13 years ago, Boss recalls herself doing her daily hygiene one day, feeling a lump on her underarm. She later went to the doctor who confirmed it.

She went through two surgeries to remove the cancer, three months of chemotherapy, and one month of radiation. Then, Boss had to take a pill called Tamoxifen for five years, which was found to reduce the chance of breast cancer recurrence.

Supporting a cause brings more awareness to people to be proactive. Boss loves seeing people supporting cancers of all types, but during the month of October it’s great to see people acknowledge the importance of being aware of breast cancer. During this time in Boss’s life her parents were her biggest support system. Her mother accompanied her to every doctor appointment, it helps those going through breast cancer endure the strength to get through it with all the support from people around them.

Self examination is also important because you can detect things early, creating your chances for treatment and cure is better.

“Early Detection can save a Life” Boss said.

On Oct.13 our school participated in a pink out, football players wore pink during the game to acknowledge breast cancer